Rebecca Miller-Webster

Rebecca Miller-Webster

Rebecca Miller-Webster

Rebecca Miller-Webster is a software engineer, conference organizer, and educator. She is the founder of Write/Speak/Code and Practice Lead at DevMynd. Rebecca has been developing software professionally for over a dozen years, previously organized GORUCO, and was the founding teacher at Dev Bootcamp NYC. Rebecca’s hobbies include drinking Cherry Coke Zero, wearing trousers, telling computers what to do, cuddling pugs, and wearing all the colors.

For more, keep up with Rebecca at or on Twitter as @rmillerwebster.


UX Camp: Front-End Camp 2017

All About the Client & Server

New JavaScript frameworks and libraries popping up everywhere. Code that was once only on the server is now performing beautifully on the client. Data that once only lived in one part of your application is needed everywhere.

But the truth is that the internet — its fundamental protocols and constraints — hasn’t changed much in the last couple decades. We’ve just gotten better at working within those constraints. Maybe we’ve gotten too good.

Let’s discuss the fundamentals of interacting with the client and the server. We’ll discuss the basic ways to connect JavaScript with a web application using examples in Ruby on Rails and other web frameworks. You’ll leave the talk able to assess the best approach for your app’s needs, communicate with your backend team and a deeper understanding of how the libraries and frameworks you use work under the hood.

Leadership By Design 2017: Prototypes, Process & Play

Frameworks of Feedback

Design and code reviews, retros, and performance reviews — all acknowledge the importance of communication and feedback and they are a good start. But they don’t tell you how to give negative feedback or ensure that you, as a teammate or manager, hear the small things before they become big things.

Let’s talk about feedback and examine frameworks for how to ask for and frame feedback effectively. Not all situations call for the same type of feedback and some are more sensitive than others. We will look at Non-violent communication, techniques from family and marriage therapy, as well as more traditional frameworks for feedback.

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Speaker Details