Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz has been active in digital design and product for 25 years, most notably in building Adaptive Path, and now a design executive and product leader. He is VP of Design at Snagajob and has co-written a book, Org Design for Design Orgs (O’Reilly).

For more, keep up with Peter at or on Twitter as @peterme.


Leadership By Design 2018

Coach, Diplomat, Advocate, Architect: The Complete Design Leader

A challenge many designers face as they embrace leadership is learning how to let go of the work. All through their career, their success has been measured by their ability to deliver. Now they have to figure out how to shift their efforts to support the delivery of their teams. This may lead to an existential crisis – “If I’m not doing the work, how am I contributing value?”

In this talk, Peter will outline the four archetypes of the Complete Design Leader. This leader grows their design team, provides clear expectations, and does everything they can to ensure the team’s effectiveness. These leaders must broaden their purview beyond creative matters, into the managerial and operational activities that will enable their team to succeed.

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