Matthew Eng

Matthew Eng

Matthew Eng

Matt is a Design and Research Lead for IBM Design. He has worked on projects for companies such as American Airlines, AT&T, Ogilvy and Symantec. During these projects, he has conducted numerous design and research efforts that helped to align and focus stakeholders with diverse needs. His experience leading small teams of designers and researchers at IBM, has helped him to discover new techniques for bringing together multidisciplinary teams and internal stakeholders into the research and design process for quicker alignment.

When he is not untangling team priorities, he shares his lessons and experiences with other communities such as UX Australia, Euro IA, ADDC Barcelona, Big Design, and TEDx San Antonio.

For more, keep up with Matthew at or on Twitter as @engmatthew.


UX Camp: Summer 2020

Research Your Team First: Key Communication Techniques to Build Trust & Clarity in Product Teams

Instead of trying to “win” an argument, what if we invested in understanding our counterparts’ and stakeholders’ needs first with the goal of building their trust? We are passionate about our work, and in collaborative environments, we need to align our differing views of user needs, innovative ideas, and product vision across disciplines and management levels. This often means we spend a lot of time pitching our concepts for adoption into a product roadmap.

In this talk, you will learn communication techniques to uncover the key problems that cross-functional teams can rally around. We will also cover how to apply these techniques to help our teams feel more prepared for conversations about project scope, priority shifts, and even work-place conflicts.

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