Karen VanHouten

Karen VanHouten

Karen VanHouten

A curious enthusiast with a deep love for beautiful messes (fostered over 20 years working in UX for enterprise solutions), Karen currently works as a Principal Consultant for OST (Open Systems Technologies). There she works with organizations to develop holistic digital strategies and build comfort operating in the space between opportunity and risk. She is passionate about intentionally designed work environments, and focuses on inclusion, collaboration, and space for play and experimentation as the most consistent drivers for sustainable success. She also swears a lot, especially on Twitter. And she can show you where she lives on her hand.

For more, keep up with Karen at karenvanhouten.com or on Twitter as @designinginward.


UX Camp Spring 2021

How We Get Wicked Good

Did you ever wonder why so much of our work seems harder than it should be? Does it feel like you are constantly working at altitude, trying to do more work with less oxygen? Well, Karen’s first job in tech was in 1993. You read that right. 1993. That’s almost 30 years across different roles and companies, all in technology and digital products. And no matter how much more skilled we all get, things just seem to be getting harder. How do we move from barely surviving to practically thriving?

In this new talk, we’ll discuss how we get wicked good: moving through competency and mastery to sustainability, even in environments that seem to be set up for failure, disappointment, and eventual burnout. We’ll explore how to make our work spaces kinder, more inclusive, and more supportive of long term engagement and growth while at the same time encouraging us to be more thoughtful and intentional about the design decisions and career choices we make.


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