JR Miller

JR Miller

JR Miller

JR Miller is a Caribbean-American writer, designer, and speaker in the Bay Area. He’s worked on design and brand initiatives for companies such as Google, cPanel, and Grooveshark. An advocate for human-centered design, JR believes in bringing inclusivity and accessibility to every stage of product development and brand storytelling. He’s a pragmatic idealist whose motto is: “complex ideas, simple sentences.” His latest article, Racism for Designers, shares his thoughts on how brands can do their part to design a reality that fits everyone.

For more, keep up with JR on Twitter as @heyimjrmiller.


Leadership By Design 2021

Meaningful Product Inclusion

This year Google Maps introduced a Black-owned business attribute. Learn more about how this project started, what it took to make it happen, and ways you can bring inclusive product development practices into your work.

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