Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

Jatin is a product designer at T-Mobile currently designing the T-Mobile for Business self-service platform. He is passionate about problem-solving in the digital space while keeping sustainability and ethics in mind. Jatin’s previous experience includes working as a front-end developer, accessibility researcher, and an AR game designer.

When not designing, you can find him reading self-help books or watching table tennis and fantasizing about how his ambitious goal of beating Space X in their domain would look like.

For more, keep up with Jatin at jatingupta.co or on Twitter as @booWendyb00.


UX Camp Winter 2021

A Digital Designer’s Carbon Footprint

Designers may be inadvertently contribute to climate change through their normal, everyday activities. As digital designers, we use a lot of resources and since many of them are digital we tend to overlook the impact we can have on our environment.

We can change our behaviors, practice sustainable design, and reduce our carbon footprint by practically applying behavior change, which is definitely part of our role as designers. A lot of conversations about climate change give a very zoomed-out view where the individual level contribution is completely discarded. We’ll discuss ways to change our behaviors and have an impact on climate change as individuals.

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