Jason Mesut

Jason Mesut

Jason Mesut

Jason helps people and organizations navigate their uncertain futures.

He does this through executive coaching, community leadership, strategic consulting, futures design and shaping workshops.

He runs highly in-demand monthly local IxDA London events with his co-leader, Boon Chew. He has spent over 20 years working within UX at some of the largest and some of the most respected agencies and consultancies within the UK. Jason set up his own coaching and consulting business, Resonant, in order to offer more flexibility ato his clients.


UX Camp Spring/Summer 2023

Shaping Design: Actively shape your unique path in UX

Jason Mesut will share an overview of the visual frameworks he has been developing over the past 17 years. These frameworks help design teams, leaders and designers to reflect on their career and self, define their unique profile, and focus their future path. Helping you understand yourself better. So that you can sharpen your future focus.

Through his role as a team leader, and with workshops he runs with the community and his clients, he has seen how valuable it is for designers to self-reflect on who they are, and focus the areas in which they feel like they should develop. Whether that’s within, or beyond the context of the organisation in which they work.

He believes using these visual frameworks can help:
– Hire the right people and build the right teams for your organisation
– Reflect on your own abilities as designers, leaders and managers
– Direct your own and your team’s development
– Teams feel better about who they are within their organisation and recognise the opportunities of staying rather than leaving to grow themselves

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