Jason Julien

Jason Julien

Jason Julien

Jason Julien is a seasoned, multi-disciplinary digital design veteran specializing in creating beautiful, human-centered design solutions. He has spent the last 20+ years creating design solutions for a wide variety of brands and people in agency and corporate environments. A thinker, leader, mentor, maker and hustler, he’s passionate about creative, strategy, design, creative direction, user experience, user interface design, team building and anything and everything design and creative.


UX Camp Spring / Summer 2023

Bringing Sight to Insights | How to Visualize Findings for Influence, Impact and Implementation

You’ve asked the questions, conducted the surveys, talked to the users, evaluated the competition and ran all the tests. You’ve done the research and have all the insights. Great, now what?

We’ll explore techniques and strategies to turn these insights into the right artifacts to drive the work forward and turn these valuable learnings and findings into powerful stories to influence partners and stakeholders, and ultimately impact the product through implementation of informed solutions.

3 key takeaways attendees will walk away with to help them improve in their roles
Research is not the end goal – how to take findings and create actionable artifacts
The power of story and visuals to drive alignment and impact
Insights are great when others can see them – unlocking learnings for partners and stakeholders

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