Eva PenzeyMoog

Eva PenzeyMoog

Eva PenzeyMoog

Eva PenzeyMoog is a Chicago-based UX designer who focuses on the emerging space of safety design. Before joining the tech field she worked in education non-profit and volunteered as a domestic violence educator and rape crisis counselor. Her safety design work brings together her expertise in domestic violence and technology, helping technologists understand how their creations facilitate interpersonal harm and how to prevent it through intentionally prioritizing the most vulnerable users. She is writing a book on the topic with publisher A Book Apart titled Designing for Safety, which will be available in September.

For more, keep up with Eva at evapenzeymoog.com or on Twitter as @epenzeymoog.


Leadership By Design 2021

Justice, Safety, Compassion: Shifting the Ethical Tech Paradigm

What do we really mean when we talk about “ethics” in tech? What are we actually aiming for, and what specifically can we all do to get there? It’s not enough to point out existing issues with racist, sexist tech, products that are easily weaponized for abuse, or harmful tech workplaces – we need intentional strategies for creating a tech industry that is truly ethical.

This talk breaks down the call for “ethical tech” into the need for both our tech industry and the products we create to be focused on safety, justice, and compassion. This talk focuses on how we can transform tech in terms of the industry and the products it makes to prioritize those things, drawing on historical case studies of other movements that shifted paradigms from unethical to ethical.

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