Emileigh Barnes

Emileigh Barnes

Emileigh Barnes

Emileigh Barnes is a poet and design strategist. These days, she leads financial empowerment projects at Capital One, where she’s a member of the Bank Design Senior Leadership Team. Before that, she worked at 18F and in the Department of Justice.

Emileigh is a lover of plain language and the Oxford comma, Emileigh led the content strategy for everykidinapark.gov and the Federal Election Commission’s digital transformation. She’s spoken about her work at conferences like UX Week, IA Summit, and Confab.

For more, keep up with Emileigh at emileighbarnes.com or on Twitter as @emileighoutlaw.


Leadership By Design 2019

Your Craft AND Your Influence

To be effective, to be inspiring, to drive results, leaders need a strategy for building and maintaining relationships. As practitioners, we spend our careers perfecting our craft. Until the day we’re promoted to a “leadership position,” and suddenly craft expertise isn’t enough to get things done.

Of course we still need our skills. And we need organizational influence just as much. Good work alone doesn’t speak for itself, as rarely does speaking for yourself alone.

It’s that right balance of craft and influence that is the difference between becoming Paul Revere and becoming William Dawes.

Who was William Dawes?


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