Don Bora

Don Bora

Don Bora

Don Bora has been a professional software developer in Chicago since 1990. In his career, Don has started 6 companies two of which he sold and two of which are still alive and making a lot of noise.

Don is a cofounder of Eight Bit Studios, a leading web and mobile application firm in Chicago. At Eight Bit, we blend design, UX, and software development collaboratively to deliver digital products to our customs. If we do it right, everyone has a great time and walks away with a smile on their face.

In addition to his Eight Bit responsibilities, Don frequently mentors young entrepreneurs and students alike. Don also serves on the board of, an immersive bootcamp for military veterans.

Don has been an outspoken advocate for women and girls in tech, seeking to bridge the technology gap by exposing the fun and creative side of programming. He frequently mentors both high school and college students who display an interest in technology and coding.

For more, keep up with Don at or on Twitter as @dbora.


UX Camp Spring 2018 


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If you’re just getting your start in UX and you’re hoping to learn more, or you’ve been in the field awhile and want to stay current, UX Camp is for you. A full day–2 full tracks–of UX talks, surrounded by impressive keynotes and all for a great price that includes your lunch.