Colin MacArthur

Colin MacArthur

Colin MacArthur

Colin MacArthur is the head of design research at the Canadian Digital Service. CDS is a digital consultancy inside the Canadian government. There, he coaches government teams conducting research under tight timelines with no budget. He’s also conducted fast-paced research at the U.S. government’s 18F, the Center for Civic Design and start-ups. Colin’s a proud methodology geek, with bachelor and graduate degrees in research. But he loves working with teams to ship software the helps people.

For more, keep up with Colin at or on Twitter as @colinpmacarthur.


UX Camp Fall 2019

Fast, cheap or good research: pick all three!

Have you ever had too little time or money to do good UX research? Trying to fit research into your tight budget, agile sprints or fast-moving project? Feel like giving up? You can do good research under quick timelines and little budget.

I’ll share tricks for fast moving and cheap research that doesn’t compromise quality:
– Using the Goldilocks method to scope doable, but impactful research
– Writing a useful research plan that isn’t ten pages long
– Recruiting participants in under 24 hours with no money
– Building data collection process that surfaces insights as you conduct research
– “Make-in-an-afternoon” deliverables that are just detailed enough to compel your team

I’ll share examples from my experience coaching designers and researchers in lean environments. I’ll also share some of my fast moving research fails, and how you can avoid them. Hopefully, you can learn from my past mistakes and do research quickly, cheaply and well.

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