Brian Montana

Brian Montana

Brian Montana

Brian Montana has an MFA in New Media and works as a Creative Technologist at Conversant. He’s a former Marine, cancer survivor, organizer of CodePen Chicago and museum adventurer.

For more, keep up with Brian at or on Twitter as @brianmontanaweb.


UX Camp Spring 2018 

Web Animation API-llusion of Life

Animation in applications and on the web are much more commonplace, however, whether or not they are an enhancement to the user experience is suspect. The first question we need to ask ourselves is “do we need animation?” and if we decide the answer is yes, then we need to know where to begin to craft an effective animation experience.

Animation has become a strong way to telegraph intent to users and give personality to products. There’s an amazing world of principles to learn from and rich history to investigate that will shape your vernacular and purpose when working with animation. We’ll start with the beginning of animation usage and move into the foundations that lead to believable and useful animations. Then, we’ll get current and learn about how to implement UI/UX animations and the Web Animation API that leverages a more performant approach to dynamically animating UI.

There will be animation, code and friendship!

UX Camp: Front-End Camp 2017

Through the Lens of Design as a Developer

The discussions in digital workflow have focused on the expectation of the designer communicating and thinking like a developer, an artifact of the waterfall workflow. The dynamic of the emerging workflow, repositions the conversations away from the canon and invites others to use empathy when collaborating on projects.

The talk will cover how I communicate as a developer through the perspective of designer and how making a designers life easier makes the current and future projects easier to manage.

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