Betsy Freeman

Betsy Freeman

Betsy Freeman

Betsy is a curious creative currently working as a Senior Experience Designer at Intuit. Currently working on the innovation learning experiences, she leads with her bias for empathy and action, so that every learner has access to personalized, cutting edge innovation education.

Betsy is energized by building accessible stories from complex ideas, sold on design thinking, and grounded by the power of community and a consistent traditional media practice. You can find Betsy crafting unexpected vegan sauces in her blender, organizing potlucks, and relentlessly creating printed matter. She actually combined her love of sauce and printed matter and created a few illustrated vegan sauce cookbooks.

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UX Camp Spring 2021

Making Creativity Out of Masked Air: How To Stay Relentlessly Creative Through a Pandemic & Beyond

So many of the things we used to rely on to fuel our creativity before the pandemic—meeting new people, traveling, visiting museums—have been off-limits for many of us over the past year. Staying creative can feel nearly impossible—and fear not: there’s hope.

I’ve developed a framework for boosting your creativity no matter the circumstances. I’ll share how to harness your curiosity as a focal point, and how to break that down and to help identify ways to reignite your creativity. The process infused my life with renewed energy that sparked my creativity—from my sketchbook to my day job and even on to receiving a promotion!

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