Andrea Mignolo

Andrea Mignolo

Andrea Mignolo

Andrea (aka Andi) is an American designer, writer, and seeker interested in complexity, deep imagination, emergence, and learning. By day she is an executive coach working with unconventional leaders and teams. By night she is the President of Interaction Design Association serving on the Global Board of Directors. In the liminal hours she spends time with her experimental ontological design studio P N T S . U S. Prior to coaching, Andi was a design and product executive at a number of start-ups, an English teacher at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, and developed the once-popular Oulipo WordPress Theme.

For more, keep up with Andrea at or on Twitter as @pnts.


Leadership By Design 2019

Don’t Forget the Design!

Stepping into leadership positions heralds a change in our roles and responsibilities, and often includes a shift from hands-on design to more strategic and operational management. At this level our success depends on a thorough understanding of the business and partnering with departments across the organization. But what does design look like when we’re no longer designing products and services? What are we designing?

As we navigate these new realms it can be hard to find the language to bridge the logic of business with the sensemaking of design. How can we be good business partners and designers? Faced with a lack of intelligibility between the two realms it can feel like we have to choose one or the other. Together we’ll explore the relationship between business and design, examine ways to resolve tensions between the two realms, and check out a new lens through which to understand the value of design.

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