Ana Peralta

Ana Peralta

Ana Peralta

Ana V Peralta is a User Experience Designer, CSPO and User Experience Strategist based in Austin, Texas. Ana is known for her work with the Dell IT Support site, Facebook’s Transparency reports and Disney’s Corporate Retreat e-brochure website where you can build magical itineraries with your colleagues. After receiving her Undergraduate degree in International Business with Honors from Florida International University, she didn’t discover her cause and purpose until entering the workforce in the Technology sector. She now specializes in applying Design Thinking to develop website, web applications, mobile applications, and product roadmaps to set them up for customer engagement and usability success. Her favorite part about her career is the flexibility, work-life balance and ability to take on projects of her choosing in her free time.

Her recent focus stems from the early days in her career when she noticed how undiverse all office settings she was hired in were amongst other challenges faced by women in man-dominated spaces—she felt like a unicorn for being there while also feeling out of place after having earned her place. Ana now seeks alliances with organizations that are assisting with this disparity in STEM within minority communities from girls as young as 10 to women with seasoned careers. When she’s not working, you can catch Ana traveling to different countries around the world, taking photographs of her surroundings, eating pizza and being active in Austin’s outdoor scenery.


UX Camp Summer 2021

Running Design Sprint Kickoff Meetings Remotely with a Global Team

Do you work distributed/remotely? Does anyone on your team work distributed/remotely? Now, is your team spread out across different countries, continents and time zones? Welcome to my (career) life! In this talk, I will share tools, resources, methods and epic fail stories of ways I’ve attempted to run kick off design sprint meetings with multidisciplinary teams and how I manage to organize my work day in order to get it all done.

With a set of prep work of templated documentation, team exercises and distribution of roles done in advance coupled with remote screen-sharing tools, anyone will able to keep the engagement, participation and morale levels high and efficient in their workshop running as if you were in all back in a meeting room.

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