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Barkha Sharma at UX Camp Winter Home Edition 2021 (Video)

Usability: The Subset of UX

Barkha Sharma presented “Usability: The Subset of UX” at UX Camp Winter 2021. Enjoy!

​We regret that, due to technical difficulties, Barkha was unable to complete the presentation.

Barkha Sharma

​User Experience Designer, To The New

Barkha is an experience designer at TO THE NEW, a digital transformation services company in Delhi, India. Academically, she holds a bachelors in computer science engineering and is pursuing masters in psychology.

Immense believer in the fine balance between user’s needs and business requirements, she has quite some experience in conducting design discovery workshops, performing comprehensive usability audits, and prototyping for digital applications in a multitude of domains including FinTech.

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I also work as a community manager at design wine man, which is a digital binder, design profane, it’s around 1045 are in India, but I’m super excited and openers to…

I’m sure I might be able to contribute as much as the team speakers, but I’ll give my input on something I’ve gone over time, and I believe is probably one of the most important aspects of the time. Are you talking about us? They care to the title, what is usability? The other stand, we often use these two terms interchangeably, so we’ll try and understand the fence between the two terms, then we’ll talk more about you every and how pain design, musical products earning existing design using standard heuristic principles. Feel free, sensors, not… And I love to canning welding the anarcho this session.

So let’s be started. If you Bottas, you definitely remember this episode, The One with Ross is done most as I give on a tanning session and then estates that the book had houses and costs of the wall, and there was… Olivier cation was provided and the experience was so confusing that he ended up getting Stan only on the Arameans, no man or product or what services we are interacting with Spencer. That experience are negative. Amazing or I feel stated able, like the user experience is… That is why the Dustin, the industry, and there is no single education to us, if we go by one of the most popular and accepted definition, then yes, our experience is something that animosities a theater for you, and as you understand, this decision means feds back, I was feeling Cumberland, I decided to order for online, so I use one of the apps and the Oriana, I decided to order a pizza now on support to get delivered to 30 minutes, and in this habit of tracking my order, and I noticed that Livongo…

I tried for a inhibit, he was not answer my calls, and the delivery time, it leased to 16 minutes, so I use this insect in the pool and orestes about my interstates of my own. Donat, my order would get reporting time, fontenay, carpenter, untreated, and I was to teodoro gave OnStar to the degree person and Rainford experience experience on the customer support at me again, and they offered me 50 and one for complementary.

I was feeling lazy, I’m decided to the iPad, then placing the order. Then connecting with uptime support, healing with that Lalonde, every thing comes under user experience, how… Since we are in the digital era, we typically associate us with digital design and digital products.

There are rallies, you can take components or subsets that continue to this experience. So we’ll talk about those. That is utility, fealty desire. Now it will go all Sinemet and diagrams for sets or components. User Experience Person form is popular, this one is my post, a includes the most important component utility is compounded your product or with their needs.

The product has all the quire features to meet their requirements, it is very important to understand your interest and their at because the one is going to use a product at a orientable.

So do you know the users and the requirements, the next thing to address is usable, used is about how you present your product or how is your efficiently use can complete their task. Using this probe, there is so much competition out there, and users have so many options to choose from, usually becomes a bare minimum condition to offer a good user experience.

Then we have desirability, which is about adding a boat to your product, it is desirable thing that separates your product from rest of the competitors, then users have equally usable by different options, it is desirability that will make them use your product again and again, so let’s use our online food delivery story and try to understand these concepts and components. Imagine it has been a long and very tiring the at work and you are not in the mood of cooking and you don’t wanna go out, and then you decide to order food online, that is where the concept of utility comes into picture, because the anode livery are solving your problem, you don’t need to go out, you don’t need to cook, you just need to decide what you wanna eat, and the food gets really bold at your dose step, then suppose you’ve downloaded one of the apps and the app is super easy to use, there is a list of popular restraint and you can even search by Dish, you can filter vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and you have multiple options for payment and you easily place your order that is usable team, which means how easily you could complete your task…

In this case, placing an Alto, and imagine if he had no search option or there was only a huge list of four items that you had to scroll through and somehow still you manage to add the item to your cart and then the app said, Sorry, we do not deliver to this location, or we do not deliver to your location, how would you feel… You’ll definitely even try some other applications, so you just don’t have time and energy to keep exploring and trying to figure out how a system works, so it is very important to design usable products. Now, suppose you finally played in order, the look and feel of the app was amazing, and you got to know that even your friends who are using this app, these factors come under desirability, the look and feel of your friends using this, and this app being one of the most popular brand is something that will make you use this app again.

Now, the user experience, I just like to summarize, user experience is about how person feels, it includes all the interactions, and it is a much broader concept, which will include everything that can influence experience of our atrial aesthetics, content, usability, marketing, everything come under user experience.

On the other hand, up is one of the subset of UX, which is about how user-fairly the product is, or as an in-group defines it, it is a quality attribute, assess how easy user interfaces to use. Usability is definitely a big part and essential part of user experience, but these two are clearly distinct, so now I’ll be talking more about usability, sadism thing, that is, we know that it is easy to use, but it is furthering by five more components. How can we decide whether a product is usable or not, so we can use these five components to identify that that is lonely, efficiency, memorabilia a prevention and satisfaction. Ornate is about, is the product Taichi going through a manual and a lot of efficiency as a user has learned how to use the product, how quickly can they perform with us memorials about if a user is visiting your design or you are using your product after a long leader of time, can they easily remember how to use your product or does that require re-learning that product Carpentier is about How often do users make errors and can they easily recover from those areas? Satisfaction.

Is it subjective? It is about those, the users like you in the system or how pleasant the design is to use. Now, you must be thinking when there are so many other components to our work, to why we only discussing ability, that is because I believe update ping stone to a experience or greater experience. Now, when Prather business is going online, users have so many options to choose from in Econ websites, online taxi booking apps to delivery as domain you can think of… So if users cannot find what they are looking for or they are not able to use your product easily to come to their task or complete their goal, they definitely leave armrest or any other product, nobody has time to base their time in Andean key exploring and trying to figure out how to use the system, that usability becomes unnecessary condition to offer a good user experience, no matter how it your website or app is, OSINT provide an excellent accidents to users, vitalpet are Ely important, but handing up for that won’t take in the long run.

For example, Craigslist, Wikipedia and even credit are some of the classic examples of how important usability is, all these websites in the refining and they all have a very… Basically, Tmall, they can evolve such a huge base, so in that is when a user is easily able to complete their goal and they are easily use a product, a Texan visual design, visual becomes a second re-concern, it is utopian usability that makes a product useful for the user… And talking about usability is never complete without discussing heuristics, heuristic evaluation is one of the most popular method to evaluate your design, and he is to give valuation expert or a design export evaluates an existing design against a set of pre-determined, you can say guidelines or principles to identify usability to areas of improvements, there are times when we are working on redesigning a project at that time, we can use these heuristics to identify the areas where we can improve.

Now, there are so many heuristics, for example, Norman six rules or a Lenovo interface design by China, man, but they can… People, entities are the most forename, it quicker, the need respect to understand how we can use this and to design better products and evaluate the sins that one is visibility of system states, it saves that the design should always keep users informed about what is going on to appropriate pack with the real amount of time communicating the Currant state of system and whether the action performed by user or successful or not, it’s very important as intercom, a sense of cargo and feel that they are in control, keeping us informed and giving them feedback is very important as the transparent and clear communication is something that is going to build trust among users, for example, when I as a user in my location services and the setting, Spinelli can see that a collegiate blue does initial feedback that my action is complete even in upload something to Google, right, if you can see the progress bar at clearly indicate that the star is working and as toenail has uploaded, it changes to green takes indicating that the file has been successfully uploaded apart from the visual feedback, it also gives textual feedback, for example, uploading one item starting upload, which then changes to one upload topped no, nobody likes to be lost somewhere, so bedtime, something that can help you is identify and understand they are… So they have become Aristotelian and breadcrumbs are very important for easy navigation expert users, so I design should out-answer the portions that is what happens, what going on? And where am I? So moving on to the next heuristic, we have March between system and the real world, which they said the design should speak, uses language using words, phrases and concepts for media to use rather than using internal jargon.

So the all-wanting earlier error messages were, for example, are four or is something that names we might avestan, but that might not be the case with our users, so it is very important to take users language also when we use and familiar concepts and phrases, it can be a cause of conclusion for users, so it is very important that we design products with keeping users can come so that they can easily connect with the system. Example, if you see the items on the day, the vapor, and because anyone can easily identify intent be icons as they have been taken from the report, even if someone is new to the technology, you can easily understand what these icons mean. Now, on the line, in spooky leading Cyril books, we have this habit of highlighting the contrast, now it looks… Allow you to do something similar, if you even have an option to change color as giving you a Kathak, you are highlighting the content with your farmer, so when we design a system that matches with the real world, you can significantly already the link for our users and made the system more intuitive.

Then the heuristic is user control and freedom, which meetings users of or perform actions by mistake, they need a clear Lyman Emergency Exit to leave the unwanted action in smoothie by the seismic, it means that we should give control to our users and we can do so by supporting unto and redo, the users should have always have an option to go back and this word three sets of relief and class, come on them. Let’s try and understand the… With sometimes the Monogram molitor or in place, or you always have the cushion to can that on-loading process. Also, we almost have been into situations when we have sent a long Catalans Slack allows you to or even be the message as saving us from those blenders. So it becomes very important to support Antares that it gives the user a sense of three that even in to perform any action by mistake, we can always leave… It makes heuristic a… We have a consistency and stands by that dictate that I do not have the one better different world situations or actions mean that anything… So maintaining consistency is very important, again, to use the cognitive load and lower the learning of users, if you see odd platforms and you’ll notice that all of them are forming the same standard design, for example, having logo on the left, then I can start taking on the right, and even the company use as saying home, DTE, kidst, easy for the user to use an area for a year, not required, will learn something from scratch and have used medium, and you’ll know that you cannot undo our club by tapping on the icon again.

It adds to the number of clubs which kind of MS. Mates with the uses mental model, as we all know that invade social media platforms and even in some of the e-commerce website, we get an action by tapping on the icon again, So undoing my action that is uncaring an article in medium requires a lot of Manafort to trying to find out where is the option to Anne this club so falling consistency and standards can help in increasing the legality and reducing the cognitive load on users.

Then we have are prevention, which states are good, elements are important, but the best design care fully prevents problem from upper ing in the first place, which means our design should always prevent Arron conditions, we should born our users and give them conformation options before they commit to an action and saying So, we should always support and do so that they can always recover from those errors.

For example, when I as a user, I’m adding a contact to my smart phone, the keyboard changes to numeric that’s preventing me from adding anything or inputting anything that is invalid. On the right, we can see that a confirmation box that asks you, the user whether they really want to delete a book or not, as humans, we are prone to making mistakes, so it is very important that are designed or our interface has options to prevent these errors. Then the next heuristic that we have with recognition rather than recall, minimize the uses memory load by making elements actions and options visible, so we all know our working memory has limited space, so it really becomes important to reduce that load, external effort from users, and we can do so by promoting recognition, which means that users should not have to remember information when they are using your system, rather we should offer them contextual help and provide them with clues and options whenever appropriate. If you’ve used XD, then you’ll know that it always shows you your recent books and you are not required to remember and recall what you were working on for days, and even on Google, if you search anything, then you can easily identify by the change in color that link that you have visited, the promoting recognition as one of the most important factors that can lower the learning for users, then we have flexibility and efficiency of use shortcuts hidden from Novos users Miss feed of the interaction for export uses.

The key takeaways from this heuristics are that a design should always cater to needs of all users, whether they are experienced or inexperienced, they’ve talked about one of the components of usability that is efficiency, which was about how quickly a user can complete their task, so providing shortcuts and allowing users to customize and tailor their frequent actions can help us to help them speed up their actions as speaking the system more effect, example, we all have used to the shortcuts, providing BioWare Document Control can rostral the Aland, howth… How these help us to perform in a lease, you can see that as… I really do. I’m not… Why? Again, I think we want to the extent that the payment also Rove…

Just I… Which is relevant to say, the information or any that is coming in for users and tenant will…

This is where the presentation ended due to technical difficulties.

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