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2018 Events Schedule

Howdy friends of Chicago Camps and wayward internet travelers! With 2017 achieving its final days and 2018 upon us, we want to share our schedule with you.

In 2018, we’re planning on holding 3 events and we’d love to see you at all of them! Here’s the schedule:

You’re probably picking up on a couple of things in that schedule, and we hope we’re guessing what they might be:

  • Yes! There are 2 UX Camps! We’d rather go a little broad and give ourselves the ability to accept all kinds of presentations! We want to see your material on VR, Graphic / Visual Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Front-end Design, Design Systems, Pattern Libraries, Design Portfolios / Case Studies, and all the other things you can think of!
  • And we want to see those ideas now! Submit your presentation idea today.
  • Prototypes, Process & Play, our design leadership conference, has, like, 3 different date ranges!​ Yeah, we know, and we’re so very sorry about that. Our host–who is wonderful!–is a college, and they don’t yet know when they’re going to have their orientation, so we’ve suggested 3 date ranges to them and we’re supposed to hear back “before March” which we hope is much sooner than February 28th.
  • How can we purchase tickets when you don’t know the dates?​ Right?! This hits us right where we live, and we know that this isn’t exactly awesome for you, either. If you can afford the risk, buy the super discounted tickets now! If you can’t, and you’re interested yet need a firm date, send us a note and we’ll get back in touch ASAP when the date is finalized, we promise!
  • ​How can we book a hotel when you don’t know the dates?​ Sigh, we agree, and we can’t make an arrangement with our pals at The Congress until we know, either. We promise we’ll snag a group rate as quickly as we possibly can once we have everything confirmed!
  • We hope Prototypes, Process & Play is August 9-10th.​ We ask that you cross your fingers, toes, and everything else to see if that can happen.
  • We’ve updated our “No Refunds” policy for Prototypes, Process & Play​​. ​You can check it out here – we want to see you in Chicago for our design leadership conference, so please take a look, take a chance. Check it out, and again, we’re absolutely going to be as helpful and supportive as we can be.

We’re also starting to talk to speakers for Prototypes, Process & Play (also challenging when the dates are in flux)!​ We’ve got some great ideas for the conference, and we’d love to hear yours–if you’ve got a speaker you’d love to see presenting at our design leadership conference, please let us know!

And, finally, we’re seeking sponsors for our 2018 events. We’ve got one of the most attractive sponsorship packages around, and we keep them really simple:

  • Annual sponsorship — $1,000
  • Camp sponsorship — $500 for all sponsorships (tables, lunch, happy hour, etc.)
  • Prototypes, Process & Play sponsorship — $1,500 for all sponsorships (tables, lunch, happy hour, etc.)

We want to be the easiest organization you work with when it comes to sponsorship so we’ve reduced the way we handle the process. You can learn more in our sponsorship packet and if you don’t find something that fits what you’re looking for, please let us know!

Thanks so much for reading and taking part in our events. We can’t wait to see you in 2018!

Chicago Sponsors Camps

  • Rosenfeld Media
  • Simplecast
  • Lead Honestly
  • Columbia College Chciago

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