Zinnia Sophia – Give my product a personality! How to write for products that anticipate, inform and delight

Zinnia Sophia

Zinnia is a Content Strategy Director, Speaker, Women’s Leadership Mentor and 6x best-selling author in women’s empowerment based in New York City.

She has consulted for top digital agencies like AKQA, Razorfish, Organic, Ogilvy and Sapient in New York, San Francisco and London. Zinnia has created digital marketing campaigns, redesigned products and created enterprise content at scale for IBM, Verizon and Ford.

Why content strategy? After designing products and digital experiences for top brands in San Francisco, she moved to New York City and partnered more closely with marketing leaders. Seeing the value of user research, UX writing, product marketing and how content innovation at scale positions brands more successfully in their go-to market strategies, she has been focusing on bridging the gap between product and marketing ever since –seeing the big picture with an eye towards the future while getting her hands dirty and doing the work.

Give my product a personality! How to write for products that anticipate, inform and delight

Can products truly have personality? The answer is yes! But how do we achieve this? In this talk, we’ll explore different ways content designers and UX writers can write products that anticipate, inform and delight.

We’ll workshop the process of defining personality for your product. Do products have to sound boring? How can you dial up or dial down the tone of your product depending on the customer moment? How can we use these principles to create strong UX writing guidelines for digital products?

Whether you are writing for tech, fitness or automotive, these exercises will help you create internal processes, documentation and direction as you continue to develop your product’s unique brand. Examples from Shopify, Verizon and Ford will be shared.