Amy Jiménez Márquez: Picking Up the Pieces of a Toxic Work Environment

Amy Jiménez Márquez

Amy Jiménez Márquez is the owner and Publisher of Boxes and Arrows, devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design—including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture, and the design of business.

She is also the VP of Experience Design at Zillow. Previously, she was the UX Design Manager for Alexa Adaptive Personality Experience at Amazon. With a Master’s degree in Directing, Amy has been performing improvisational comedy for over 20 years, and enjoys applying improv collaboration techniques to her daily work. She has been leading cross-disciplinary design teams for the past 5+ years, including information architects, conversational designers, UX designers, UX researchers, and VUI designers.

For more, keep up with Amy at or on Twitter as @amymarquez.

Picking Up the Pieces of a Toxic Work Environment

Toxicity in the workplace didn’t start with any of the crises that have happened since early 2020. People have been dealing with work-induced trauma for a long time. To repair it, we need to consider where it comes from, how to heal it, and how to prevent it.

At a time when some companies are forcing in-office or hybrid work on a population who became comfortable with the psychological and physical safety that comes with working from home, learning how to help our team members heal from past trauma and move forward is even more important.

Learn how to recognize signs of trauma, and identify toxicity in your company, in others, and most importantly, in yourselves. And then identify how to recognize it, reverse it, and work to heal the teams affected by it.