Steven Kellert: Morning Wake Up!

Steven Kellert

Meet Steven Kellert, a Chicagoan with a penchant for hitting all the right notes—be it on paper or a ukulele. When he’s not nose-deep in medical and scholarly manuscripts, making sure every comma is in its right place and every argument is crystal clear, you’ll find him strumming away with Tiny Bubbles, the Lakeside Pride ‘Ukulele Ensemble. Ah, yes, Steven is not just an editor; he’s a maestro of the four-stringed wonder, making every lakeside gig a foot-tapping, joyous affair.

But wait, there’s more! The man can dance. He waltzes, two-steps, and cuts a ballroom rug so well, he even has a dog named Foxtrot. Ever the student of life, Steven doesn’t just rest on his laurels. He’s always out there, seeking to learn something new, adding yet another layer to his already multifaceted life. So, whether he’s scrutinizing the latest clinical research for groundbreaking insights or groovin’ to an island melody on his ukulele, Steven Kellert is a constant learner and an ever-evolving Chicago gem.

Morning Wake Up!

Steven Kellert joins us as a refreshing and fun wake up to Leadership By Design 2023, serenading us with his ukulele and a variety of pop hits across many decades and, dare we suggest it: Eras.