Adam Tramposh – Emergent Design Systems

Adam Tramposh

In his 12+ years of experience in digital product innovation, design and consulting, Adam has partnered with fortune 500s, startups, and mid size companies alike to bring human-centered software experiences to market. Adam has shepherded many digital products through every phase of the product life-cycle – from consumer research to conceptual development, execution & post-launch strategy. He is most recently engaged in governing General Motors’ in-vehicle design system. Adam is a self-described “Fandroid” & moonlights as a pianist.

Emergent Design Systems

In modern software development, design systems are a critical part of the design and development workflow across software organizations worldwide. To UX professionals early in their professional journeys, It can feel as though they’ve always been there, fully baked and operationalized, but in reality, they are the result of organic and emergent communities of practice within organizations that build digital products and has always existed in some form.

In this talk, I will share and contrast my personal experience developing a design system for a mid-sized agency and fortune 500 company alike to offer some insights into how that journey looked for me in order to demystify the process. It is my hope that the lessons I’ve learned will help some of you in your merry way to work with or govern design systems throughout your career.