Jen Blatz – Presenting Your UX Work Using Spontaneous Talks Frameworks

Jen Blatz

Jen Blatz is a Principal UX Researcher at BECU. Jen’s path to UX started in journalism and graphic design to UX design and finally at UX research and strategy. She has worked in a number of fields including finance, mortgage, cloud storage, security and pet health. Jen loves being active in the UX community, speaks at international conferences and is the co-founder and president of the UX Research and Strategy group, one of the largest UX groups in the world.

Presenting Your UX Work Using Spontaneous Talks Frameworks

We know that articulating our design decisions or presenting the value of our user research to stakeholders can sometimes be a challenge. Spontaneous Talks Frameworks have been around for years. They are often taught at universities and are used to help people think of answers or tell stories fast and smart. Jen is going to teach you a few Spontaneous Talks Frameworks so you can use them when presenting your work, answering tough questions or simply telling your stories. Applying these simple frameworks can help a person avoid anxiety by quickly organizing a thought, and moving forward to articulating that thought in a cohesive and eloquent manner.