Jillian Hudson – Catching UX Champions with Research Bait

Jillian Hudson

Jillian Hudson is NN/g UX-certified in Research and Management. She worked as a UX Product Designer/Usability Expert at American Airlines and as a UX Strategist and Researcher for both Bank of America and Wells Fargo. She is currently the Principal UX Research Strategist at RXO and recent started Beautiful Forks Consulting, a digital research and strategy coaching agency. Her superpower is getting to the “heart of the problem.”

Catching UX Champions with Research Bait

Every UXer has a vague idea that having a UX champion well-positioned at your company is a good thing but no one tells you how to get one and what to do once you have one.

I’ll share my secrets on how you can identify potential UX champions by turning your research skills toward business stakeholders and then cultivate them into champions using your user research findings as bait.

  • Why you should create UX champions in your company
  • Why research is good bait
  • Steps to identifying a UX champion candidate
  • Steps to cultivating a UX champion
  • Congrats! You have a UX champion. Now what?