Emily Parcell – Leverage Your Design Skills to Boost Confidence

Emily Parcell

Driven by a passion to make the workplace more human, Emily’s work as a leadership coach and facilitator focuses on how strong leadership, process, and culture support teams to do their best work. She specializes in helping leaders navigate work with confidence by applying design skills such as creative thinking and an experiment-oriented mindset. Her approach is informed by a decade in user experience design, having led teams to design digital products for DIRECTV, Macy’s, Verizon, and Automation Anywhere.

Leverage Your Design Skills to Boost Confidence

A lack of confidence can make it difficult to make decisions, grow, and, ultimately, fulfill your potential. The ambiguity and complexity inherent to the design profession exacerbates the issue, challenging you to maintain confidence while constantly navigating new and unknown situations.

While power posing and affirmative self-talk can offer a momentary boost, lasting confidence is built through exercising curiosity. This approach allows anyone to utilize their design skills of exploration and experimentation to overcome the confidence gap.