Veronica Naguib – Truly Informed Design Using Actionable Insight

Veronica Naguib

Veronica Naguib is the Managing Director at ImpactSense, an insight company who are disrupting the way research and Experience Measurement is done today. Experienced in both Service Design and UX, Veronica is an expert in transforming the CX discipline, previously heading up CX teams. She’s worked with diverse sectors from healthcare to retail to transport across B2C, B2B and Government Bodies.

Truly Informed Design Using Actionable Insight

All too often, large research projects take place, but strategy and design decisions are still made from assumptions on consumer needs and behaviours.  The research effort to value doesn’t seem to match up. ImpactSense will share findings from our recent study on the effectiveness of research and show ways of making research more actionable for UX and Product Design.