Kevin Klos – Battling Deceptive Design: The Force is with You!

Kevin Klos

Kevin Klos is a Senior Experience Designer (The Star Wars equivalent of a Jedi Master) with Best Buy, where he uses human centered design, testing and analytics to vanquish deceptive design and make easy-to-use experiences for Best Buy customers.

For more, keep up with Kevin at or on Twitter as @kevinklos.

Battling Deceptive Design: The Force is with You!

Deceptive design patterns are real and can create short term engagement and profits, but they also result in long-term pain for users and online experiences. This can leave users feeling tricked or cheated and can have a lasting impact for a brand.

UX Designers have the ability to influence a user through good design, or manipulate them through deceptive patterns, similar to how the Jedi and Sith have to decide how theyଁre using the Force. Weଁll discuss the top ten most deceptive design patterns and the negative impacts they have, as well as smart alternatives that can be used to benefit users, build trust, and make for better experiences.