Tent Talks Featuring Lindsey Latiolais – User Research Team of One

Lindsey Latiolais

Lindsey will talk to anyone about anything at any time, which served her well in her decade-plus in UX research. She worked as a researcher with 6 different companies, from a giant multinational consultancy with offices worldwide to a tiny real-estate post-startup based out of Chicago. She recently transitioned to a product management role to have an impact on decision-making earlier in the process.

When not hanging out at her home in Bend, OR, Lindsey can be found at the local dog park with her 2 rescue pups, cosplaying at a fan convention, or scuba diving somewhere tropical. Though she doesn’t post much, feel free to reach out to her @coydahlia on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Discord if you want to chat.Each swag item purchased adds to our pool of “Need 1, Take 1” passes that are available to anyone who has a need–no questions asked.

Tent Talks Featuring: Lindsey Latiolais

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On Monday, November 21st at 6:00pm Central, Lindsey Latiolais joined us for a live Q&A session focus on what’s it been like to be a User Research team of one.