Lisa deBettencourt – Good Intentions & Bad Actors

Lisa deBettencourt

Founder & Principal Forge Harmonic

Lisa is a product strategy and design leader. She works with organizations in healthcare and life sciences to discover, develop, and operationalize innovative ways to improve the patient and clinical experience amidst increasing regulatory demands, consumer expectations, and technological complexity.

After more than two decades creating award-winning products and commercial successes for businesses within and beyond healthcare, Lisa founded Forge Harmonic, LLC, a customer insights and strategy firm that’s on a mission to humanize the digital transformation in healthcare by shaping breakthrough solutions that put people at the center. Previously, she was VP of Design at Confer Health, a health tech startup building at-home clinical diagnostics and, prior to that, she was Head of Product Design at Imprivata, a leading healthcare IT security company.

She co-authored the book Designing for Emerging Technologies: UX for Genomics, Robotics, and the Internet of Things and is an adjunct professor in the Digital Media Master’s Degree Program at Northeastern University. She holds a MS degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University and a BS degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

For more, keep up with Lisa at or on Twitter as @ldebett.

Good Intentions & Bad Actors

As designers, we are able to leverage our understanding of the human condition and systems to transform technology into offerings that make millions of dollars for companies, while remaining idealistic about our goals of making people’s lives better or “changing the world.” But our process doesn’t make room to consider what things might just go sideways. I think this borders on negligence. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our profession, our customers, our colleagues, and the businesses who employ us to forecast the impact of our work at scale and work to mitigate risks. Let’s talk about how to integrate appropriate tools and the processes to do so properly.