Emily Wachowiak – Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet: A Guide to Content Audits for Product Teams

Emily Wachowiak

Senior Content Designer, Mozilla

Emily has worked with digital content for 10+ years, shifting from marketing copywriting and content strategy to UX writing and content design. She founded the UX writing practice at Peapod Digital Labs (the e-commerce provider for grocery brands such as Stop & Shop) before practicing content design team at Upwork and Mozilla.

Her favorite parts of content design are diagramming and untangling messes, collaborative problem solving, and connecting the dots between projects and opportunities across an organization.

For more, keep up with Emily at emilycontentdesign.com.

Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet: A Guide to Content Audits for Product Teams

Audits are a go-to tool for cataloging and optimizing website content, and they can also be your product team’s secret weapon. Examining key features and flows of your product through a content lens will help you systematically identify gaps, inconsistencies, and usability improvements. How can you make sure that your audit leads to concrete, meaningful product changes—not just lines on a spreadsheet? There’s no one-size-fits-all template, but there are a few frameworks, tips, and strategies for getting results—and buy-in—without getting overwhelmed.

Auditing a product is much different than auditing a website. Instead of scraping URLs, you’ll need to capture and track multiple screens and states, like errors and form fields. And you’ll need to translate your findings into a digestible story for product and engineering partners. From scoping and conducting your content audit to tracking and sizing your recommendations in an engineer-friendly format, this session will help you turn your audit findings into real product improvements.