Mags Hanley – And Now You Are a Design Leader

Mags Hanley

Digital Management Coach, Mentor, & Teacher

Mags Hanley is a career and executive coach for UX designers. Using her over 25 years as a Designer and UX Leader, she works with designers at all stages of their careers. In particular, she loves to work with:

Mags is also a tea drinking (blame Irish parents and 14 years living in the UK), jazz singing, Tigers (Aussie Rules football) supporter, based in Melbourne Australia. She loves to connect with designers all over the world and can be booked in for virtual tea or coffee via Calendly.

For more, keep up with Mags at or on Twitter as @magshanley.

And Now You Are a Leader…

You’ve been promoted, you have the role you’ve been working towards for the last 2-5 years in design leadership. Now, what do you do?

Mags Hanley will take you through the four main decisions to establish your ‘right’ design leadership; your leadership style, the most effective projects to focus on, recruitment, and strategic relationships.