Liya James – Inclusive Design Leadership: Beyond Human-Centered

Liya James

Author, Innovation By Inclusion

Liya is a designer, inclusion advocate, and author. Over the past two decades, Liya’s product innovation work has touched millions of users through collaborations with brands like Apple, AT&T, Mercedes-Benz R&D, and IBM Design, and she’s had the privilege to work alongside disruptive startup founders and social entrepreneurs whose collective exits total several billion dollars. She continues hone her craft and search for better ways to make the world a better place through technology as co-founder and principal at Totally Human, where she and a diverse team of designers and strategists help companies identify and productize opportunities to do good and do well.

Liya is currently writing a book on Inclusive Innovation with Rosenfeld Media.

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Inclusive Design Leadership: Beyond Human-Centered

As technology increasingly becomes a conduit for meeting our basic needs—from finding love or taking care of our health to buying groceries and booking travel—it is becoming clear that technology is no longer neutral. How the technology works can be either a force that perpetuates cycles of exclusion and inequity, or it can carry the torch of equity and inclusion.

In this presentation, Liya will discuss living up to our mission as “user advocates” for all of our users, no matter their race, gender identity, age, or socioeconomic background. She will also explore strategies to embed inclusive mindsets into the design process and help organizations realize the full potential of human-centered design.