Brad Nunnally – Growing Better Design Careers

Brad Nunnally

Senior Director of User Experience, IntelliBridge

Brad Nunnally is the Senior Director of User Experience at Intellibridge and a co-author of “Designing The Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation” for New Riders (Voices That Matter) and “UX Research: Practical Techniques for Designing Better Products” for O’Reilly Media. During his career, Brad has worked with clients spanning almost every major industry, mostly focusing on healthcare, financial services, and government digital services.

Brad has enjoyed writing and speaking on topics that include user research, interactive prototyping, and how cognitive psychology applies to design. These days, he contemplates how the government can be redesigned to be more person centric and how organizations can build and mature design teams to meet the demands of how business and technology work today. When he is not thinking about the world of design, he spends time learning important life lessons from his children, playing too many video and tabletop games, and learning woodworking through a constant string of failures.

Growing Better Design Careers

One of the biggest challenges to retaining employees is the lack of value or growth they perceive in their current position. To solve this, design leaders need to provide a clear understanding and path for career advancement that is based on outcomes and objective skills. This means designing a system centered around a growth based mindset which:

  1. Defines job descriptions that are skill and outcome based rather than based on subjective qualifications
  2. Establishes a Career Progression Framework with team roles aligned around defined outcomes and professional growth based on individual needs and learning styles.

Pairing these two concepts together helps leaders that manage teams large or small, made up of specialist or generalists, or teams that are just getting started or have been established for some time. In the ever changing world of employee retention and workplace dynamics, design leaders can help position your teams for future growth and meet your designers where they are at to better layout what kind of future they want.