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UX Camp Fall

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Columbia College Film Row – Chicago

Photo: Anne Worner


UX Camp is a full day of UX Goodness–we’ll leave few topics uncovered and you’ll learn current topics and improved upon standards in one of the hottest fields today!

If you’re just getting your start in UX and you’re hoping to learn more, or you’ve been in the field awhile and want to stay current, UX Camp is for you. A full day–3 full tracks–of UX talks, surrounded by impressive keynotes and all for a great price that includes your lunch.

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Eva PenzeyMoog

Eva PenzeyMoog
Designer, 8th Light

Eva is a UX Designer and empathy enthusiast. She spends her time at work designing intuitive user experiences and leading diversity and inclusion initiatives. She spends her non-work time consuming as much zombie media as possible, creating cyanotype prints, and rubbing the bellies of her pitbulls, Hamlet and Horatio.

For more, keep up with Eva at or on Twitter as @epenzeymoog.

Designing Against Domestic Violence

The reality of domestic violence doesn’t disappear when people leave enter the digital world. Abusers use technology to exploit and control their victims, meaning that technologists have a responsibility to ensure that users of our products are empowered to protect their safety. How can we prevent people with violent intentions from forms of abuse and control that are digital, such as browsing a victim’s computer, finding sensitive information about them online, or creating fake content in their name? How can our products that involve real people, such as software for building managers, protect against an abuser talking their way past a building’s doorman whose uses software to track approved guests? While there’s no simple answer and ultimately no way to ensure our users’ safety in all situations, thoughtful considerations and small changes while designing and building products can and does result in meaningful contributions to people’s safety. This talk will explore how to think through a lens of safety, create those thoughtful considerations, and advocate for an emphasis on safety.

This presentation will deal explicitly with domestic violence and may be triggering for some attendees. Please do not hesitate to leave the room at any time should you need to.

Gabby Hon

Gabby Hon
User Experience Lead

With 20+ years experience in UX, and having worked with Fortune 100 companies and top agencies, Gabby has seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

She’s chosen making enterprise software less of a nightmare as her professional focus.

In her free time, Gabby is an internet spaceship mogul, and enjoys talking to nerds about how what you learn in a game can translate to real life.

For more, keep up with Gabby at or on Twitter as @gabbyhon.

The Map Is Not The Territory: Against UX Portfolios, and For Rational Hiring

Mired in deliverable purgatory, and possessed of strategic skills that are continually undervalued, UX professionals are further humiliated by hiring requirements that include portfolios. I will explain why portfolios are entirely wrong for evaluating the worth of a UX professional, why hiring managers can’t seem to stop demanding them, and propose a path out of this quagmire.


Columbia College Film Row

We are big fans of our venue and sponsor: Columbia College in Chicago. Columbia is a great place to learn and upgrade your design skills and we’re excited to partner with them!

Columbia College

About Columbia College

Columbia College Chicago is an institution of higher education specializing in arts and media disciplines, with nearly 12,000 students pursuing degrees within 120 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Check out Columbia College.

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There are several easy-access parking garages available in the surrounding blocks.

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Coming from out of town? We recommend staying at The Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue in the heart of Chicago.

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